Order Pharmacy Repeats

This is one of the primary services ROS aims to provide. Gone the days of ringing your pharmacy at a time convenient to them rather than you or visiting the pharmacy in-person to make the request and wait there until the repeats are ready. This service aims to save time for everyone involved in the process. Just order your repeats either using ROS website or smartphone app and receive instant notifications to see the progress of your request. It is important to note that our service does not get rid of that nice personal touch from your friendly pharmacy team and you still have the opportunity to have a face to face conversation with your pharmacist (should you need to) as you will still have to pick up your repeats from the pharmacy yourself. Also, this service only allows to order repeats from a pharmacy that you got your original prescription filled at and if you have valid repeats available with them.

 N.B -  before making a request please ensure that your pharmacy is registered with ROS.