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164 Woodham Road
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Blister Packaging (Medico-packs)

If you are take three or more different medications and/ or at different times of the day, then a Douglas Medico Pak can make it easy. Your medications are organised into time slots (according to your preference) by your pharmacist.

Key benefits:

  • Simple to use for people of all ages
  • Check when your medications is due
  • Clear instructions avoids confusion
  • No bulky bottles to cart around or store
  • Convenient tear-off strips makes it discreet and portable
  • Individualised for your convenience (weekly or monthly)

Ideal for:

  • People on multiple medications
  • People on holiday or with busy lifestyles
  • Nurses and caregivers who need a system they can trust
  • Difficult or reducing regimens
  • Children and adolescents
  • Those with multiple caregivers
  • People with long-term chronic conditions

This pharmacy provides the Medication Organiser Aids (Medico Blister Packs) service. Please speak to one of our Pharmacy staff regarding this service.


Clozapine dispensing

Clozapine is a prescription only medicine used to treat and prevent thought disorders and other conditions. People on clozapine require regular Blood Tests to determine their correct dose. As a result the individual requires close monitoring, which Pharmacies provide by dispensing clozapine on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on the individual.

This pharmacy provides Clozapine Dispensing service. Please speak to one of our Pharmacy staff regarding this service.

ECP (Emergency Contraceptive Pill)

The Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) can reduce your chance of becoming pregnant in situations such as, unprotected sexual intercourse or regular method of contraception fails (burst condom or forgetting to take your oral contraceptive pill). The Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) can be taken up 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sexual intercourse, but we recommend seeing your healthcare provider as soon as you can.

This pharmacy provides the Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) service. An accredited pharmacist will provide a private consultation with you and provide the Emergency Contraceptive Pill or advice. Please bring your regular medication that you are taking along to the consultation. Please speak to one of our Pharmacy staff regarding this service.   

MUR (Medicine Usage Review)

This is a service that allows you to sit down with your local pharmacist and talk about your medicines. This service is free to New Zealand residents.

The service provides you an opportunity to review and discuss your medications with a pharmacist:

  • The reasons you are taking them.
  • When the best time is to take them.
  • Any problems you are having with your medicines.
  • Best ways to remember to take medicines.
  • Any other concerns or questions you may have.

Your pharmacist will also talk to you about how to make sure you continue to take your medicines correctly. They will then work with you to find ways to make managing your medicines easier.

You might benefit from the service if you:

  • Are taking medicines for heart disease, diabetes, asthma, COPD or other chronic conditions.
  • Take a lot of different medicines, including ones from the supermarket or herbal shop.
  • Sometimes forget to take your medicines. Or,
  • Aren't sure why you take some of your medicines.

Bring all your medicines to your appointments, including herbal/vitamin products, Rongoa and medicines you have at home.

What does the service involve?

Initial meeting

This is with your pharmacist where you talk about your medicines (about 30-45 minutes).

You will also discuss any changes you may need to make to ensure you are getting the best from your medicines. These changes will be written into an action plan for you.

You can have a support person or carer, or family/whānau with you when you talk to the pharmacist.

Follow-up meetings

The pharmacist will check with you during the course of your normal visits to the pharmacy to see how you are going and if the changes have helped with managing your medicines.

How do I organise a Medication Management Service for myself or a member of my family/whānau?

Talk to your pharmacist or doctor and they will arrange a Medication Management Service for you.

What are the benefits to you from this service?

  • You will learn more about your medicines and why you take them.
  • You will learn more about how your medicines work.
  • You can check you are taking your medicines correctly.
  • You can get some help with how to use medical devices e.g. inhalers, spacers, eye drops, blister packs, testing kits/ meters.
  • You can get some help with remembering how and when to take your medicine.
  • You have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your medicines.
  • It will reassure you and your family/whānau that you are taking your medicines correctly.
  • It will ensure you are getting the best from your medicines.


Your information is confidential and will be stored securely by your pharmacist but may be shared with your doctor and other healthcare providers concerned with your healthcare.

Your pharmacist will send a report to your doctor (and the person who referred you into the service) letting them know the outcome of the meeting they have had with you. They may also need to contact your doctor if they identify a problem with your medicines.

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