Blister Packaging (Medico-packs)

If you are take three or more different medications and/ or at different times of the day, then a Douglas Medico Pak can make it easy. Your medications are organised into time slots (according to your preference) by your pharmacist.

Key benefits:

  • Simple to use for people of all ages
  • Check when your medications is due
  • Clear instructions avoids confusion
  • No bulky bottles to cart around or store
  • Convenient tear-off strips makes it discreet and portable
  • Individualised for your convenience (weekly or monthly)

Ideal for:

  • People on multiple medications
  • People on holiday or with busy lifestyles
  • Nurses and caregivers who need a system they can trust
  • Difficult or reducing regimens
  • Children and adolescents
  • Those with multiple caregivers
  • People with long-term chronic conditions

This pharmacy provides the Medication Organiser Aids (Medico Blister Packs) service. Please speak to one of our Pharmacy staff regarding this service.