How it works?

For users/customers

By requesting for Doctor’s Prescriptions or Pharmacy Repeats through the Repeat Ordering System (ROS), an instant message is sent directly to your selected Healthcare Provider (Medical Centres and Pharmacies). As your request gets processed or completed by your Healthcare Provider, you receive a real time progress status through the Repeat Ordering System (ROS) account or push notifications on your smartphone.

Best of all, sending requests or receiving real time notifications are FREE! All you need is a Repeat Ordering System (ROS) account and internet (Wi-Fi or 3G-mobile data) on your smartphone.

Communicate directly with both your Medical Centre and Pharmacy with the Repeat Ordering System (ROS) when requesting Doctor’s Prescriptions. For example, a request for asthma inhalers was submitted to your Medical Centre, and you also requested the Doctor’s Prescriptions to be faxed to your pharmacy. As soon as the Doctor’s Prescriptions are completed and faxed to the Pharmacy you will receive your first notification, and when the Pharmacy has received and dispensed the asthma inhalers. You will receive your final notification, messaging you to collect your asthma inhalers. Therefore the Repeat Ordering System (ROS) saves you time and allow three way communications with the Medical Centre, Pharmacy and you. It’s the new way!

Please note: you can only use this system if your pharamcy or medical centre is registered with ROS.

For pharmacies/medical centres

In order to use ROS system and provide services through the website you will need to get registered (the service is free until further notice). Your patients would not be able to see you on their ROS smartphone app unless you are registered with us. Once you have done that then you will be able to communicate with your patients through the system and be able to send instant push notifications regarding  their requests.