About Repeat Ordering System (ROS)

The Repeat Ordering System (ROS) is an online service designed for patients and Healthcare Providers. The service is FREE for patients to sign up and use, which allows patients or customers to receive real time notifications regarding their Doctor’s Prescriptions or Pharmacy Repeats requests, from registered Healthcare Providers (Medical Centres and Pharmacies) in New Zealand.

Send in requests to Healthcare Providers anytime and anywhere in New Zealand with the Repeat Ordering System (ROS) website or ROS smartphone application today. Receive real time progress status from your Healthcare Provider for FREE!

Requesting for a family member’s (children or spouse) Pharmacy Repeats and Doctor’s Prescriptions is made QUICK and EASY with Repeat Ordering System (ROS). Add or edit family members to your Repeat Ordering System (ROS) account through the website or smartphone application.    

Sign up and make a request today and see the benefits.

P.S. Please make sure your health provider is registered with ROS before ordering your medicines.